miércoles, 9 de febrero de 2011


Improper use of fireworks may be dangerous, both to the person operating them (risks of burns and wounds) and to bystanders; in addition, they may start fires after landing on flammable material. For this reason, the use of fireworks is generally legally restricted. Display fireworks are restricted by law for use by professionals; consumer items, available to the public, are smaller versions containing limited amounts of explosive material to reduce potential danger. Fireworks may pose a problem for animals, both domestic and wild, who can be terrified by the noise, leading to them running away or hurting themselves on fences or in other ways in an attempt to escape.

martes, 8 de febrero de 2011

people in my life

my relatives is unt  jesus maria and my cousin jilian  in the beach
i have a one sister and one brother and the live in caracas with my mon
 my heros is god and la reina maria lionza and the 7 cortes

miércoles, 2 de febrero de 2011

welcome to my blog

hello my name is jineska my last name is rojas i have 21 years old i was born in caracas venezuela but i moved to maracaibo with my sister and my brothers. i have short hair i have brown eyes, i am pretty i am funny i love seafood i like the pop-rock, raggae,electronic-rock and hiphop  BUT I DISLIKE VALLENATO MERENGUE REGAETON i hate pork and oil . i study ADMINISTRACION DE EMPRESAS in urbe, i like basketball and volleyball ,and i love my boyfirend but i hate when he fight with me and last one my religion is aleyo bye see you